OES Genuine Window Motor & Accessories

If one of your car's windows is acting kind of weird lately, take time to closely examine it and see if you need an OES Genuine window motor. The mechanism behind a power window is pretty simple but troubleshooting a problem can be tricky because it's composed of many small parts. Aside from the motor, each power window is equipped with fuses, gaskets, connecting wires, a switch, fasteners, and other important gears and bolts. To make troubleshooting hassle-free, you need to be aware of the specific issues associated with a faulty window motor.

Common signs of a busted window motor include a glass panel that won't go down or up or a mechanism that won't make a slight whirring noise every time you operate it. If the window is stuck in an open position, it can be such a hassle especially if you need to park your car in an unsafe area even for just a few minutes because you're practically giving car thieves easy access to your ride. Another possible situation wherein a busted window motor can be such a headache is when you need to pay at the toll booth. Instead of simply rolling down the window and handing the booth attendant your money, you'd have to open the door and reach out. So if you want to make your life easier and say goodbye to an erratic power window, replace that old and broken motor with an OES Genuine window motor.

With a replacement motor from OES Genuine, you're sure to get your money's worth. This brand has been in the car industry for years, and has continually proven its reputation as one of the most reliable makers of direct-fit replacement components. It's dedication to provide customers with only the best car components has earned a lot of praise, with the brand becoming a favorite among car owners looking for high-grade yet budget-friendly products. Plus, an OES Genuine window motor is guaranteed to match your ride's specs, making installation easy--no need to shell out money for a mechanic or replacement services. As long as you have the right tools and your car manual, replacing a broken window motor with an OE component on your own shouldn't be too much of a problem. As a matter of fact, a DIY replacement is highly recommended because of the huge amount of money and time you can save.

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