OES Genuine Wheel Cylinder & Accessories

Poor braking can cause threats to your driving safety, so don't put up with problems in your brakes - replace your brakes' damaged wheel cylinder with a new OES Genuine wheel cylinder. This cylinder is a crucial component of the drum brake system, and you can compare it to the brake caliper found in the disc brake assembly. First, it is also composed of pistons, the components that push the brake shoes against the drum to create friction - the same way each caliper pushes the brake pads against the rotors for friction generation. Whenever you step on the brake pedal, it is the wheel cylinder which the master cylinder actuates to trigger the operation of the drum brakes.

Mounting the OES Genuine wheel cylinder may not be that easy because it is positioned in an area in the drum brakes that is almost hidden. When you look at it, you'll find the cylinder composed of the two pistons that are directly actuated by the master cylinder, seals that maintain pressure within the unit, and boots that protect the part from damaging elements. The cylinder in general is a pretty tough component - you just have to pay attention to its seals and boots because these are its weak points. Regular inspection of the part is not easy because of its location, so it's not always possible to tell the occurrence of a cylinder damage by looking at it from the outside. In most instances, the problem is evident on the performance of the brakes.

So what are the symptoms of wheel cylinder damage? Poor pedal feel and operation is one. If your pedal doesn't feel as firm as it used to, one possible problem could be a leak somewhere in the cylinder. In other instances, the pistons in the wheel cylinder will stick, causing dragging. If you encounter any instance of uneven braking in your ride, don't ignore this warning and do an inspection at once. When inspecting the wheel cylinder, look for signs of corrosion build-up. Check the seals and boots to see whether they are still in good shape. It is generally advised that you replace your old cylinder with a new OES Genuine wheel cylinder each time you work with your drum brakes - this will save you time and money, while limiting the possibility of occurrence of brake problems.

There used to be a time when people rebuild wheel cylinders and reuse them, but this practice is not as popular at present anymore. That's because the process can have various negative side effects on the condition and function of the parts. When finding a replacement to your stock cylinder, you will be better off with a brand new OES Genuine wheel cylinder in your drum brakes. There's no need to worry about your search for a new part because we at Parts Train are your reliable partner. We offer a complete selection of parts for the brakes, suspension, steering, and many other assemblies in your vehicle. All our offered parts are also easy to find, so you'll enjoy shopping for a new OES Genuine wheel cylinder.