OES Genuine Wheel Bearing Kit & Accessories

Once the wheel bearings come apart, the wheels may move as if they have a mind of their own-if you want to regain full control when driving your vehicle, slap on an OES Genuine wheel bearing kit. Do not run your wheel bearings to the ground until your ride makes the extra movement or leap and bounce over bumps and turns. It's not only the wheels that will probably wobble or wander. The brakes may also falter with a longer stopping distance, especially when at high speed. Don't let those whines and grinds fall on deaf ears whenever you steer. Bad wheel bearings can lead to a treacherous road ahead, as they won't only compromise handling but also driving safety.

Thanks to the wheel bearings of your vehicle suspension, the wheels are able to spin freely without too much friction. These also help carry some of the weight of your vehicle. When they break, it can be attributed to busted oil seals that protect them from dirt and debris. Bearings are also prone to wear because of heavy use and exposure to the elements. Those chirping and squeaking sounds that come from the wheels can be caused by worn bearings, especially when cornering. The distinct rubbing noise gets louder as you step on the gas. When left untreated, bad bearings can lead to hardly responsive steering, noticeable vibration, and poor suspension. To check for broken bearings, raise your vehicle using a jack and watch out for excessive play of the wheel on the spindle if you push on it. You may spot rough patches on the race or bearing indicating wear. The bearings should be thoroughly inspected, cleaned, or repacked every 20,000 to 30,000 miles. For replacements, an OES Genuine wheel bearing kit can be the most dependable solution to your car problem.

Get rid of that unwelcome grumble from the wheels using an all-new OES Genuine wheel bearing kit. The kit includes all the necessary hardware for easy installation. The bearings are precision-engineered for custom fitting and made of high-grade materials to ensure a long-lasting performance. Each had been tested and had passed the manufacturing standards set by OES Genuine to make sure that all products that roll out of its assembly line and dispatched from the warehouse are of premium quality. An OES Genuine wheel bearing kit is covered by a standard warranty as well to give you that assurance.

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