OES Genuine Wheel Bearing & Accessories

Your vehicle's wheels are just like the feet of a race runner-it needs some specially-designed equipment in order to run at maximum speed, and no other device can help your tires run much better than an OES Genuine wheel bearing. Just like how a race runner needs the perfect pair of running shoes to help him survive every rigorous marathon, your vehicle also requires an automotive part that is capable of handling the strenuous task of rotating the wheels. Driving a vehicle without the proper wheel bearing may contribute to the tires' rapid wear and tear, and this often leads to a rather costly repair. You likewise won't be able to enjoy riding inside a car that lacks an efficient wheel bearing. Expect to hear a lot of noise, matched with other annoying and uncomfortable sensations such as grinding and rough movement if you haven't equipped your car with the required bearings. If you're using your car on a daily basis, the noise coming from worn wheel bearings will certainly get on your nerves and may even give you a throbbing headache. Of course, you wouldn't want to go to work with a terrible migraine every day, would you?

Apart from ensuring smooth wheel movement, an OES Genuine wheel bearing also helps in reducing friction that is usually triggered by constant wheel rotation. Friction is the number one enemy of vehicle tires because it often leads to premature wear and tear. Constant ground contact is usually one of the main culprits and may induce excessive friction on the tires, especially if your wheel assembly lacks all the right components. The wheel bearings can be classified as the “small but terrible” parts, mainly because they're just small, circular metal pieces but your tires would have difficulty rotating without them. The wheel movement would also be a lot slower if the tire assembly is not fitted with the right bearings.

Don't overlook the importance of an OES Genuine wheel bearing because they're also necessary when it comes to carrying your vehicle's weight. Usually, the bearings are attached to your car's axles and have the capacity to carry varying weights, depending on the vehicle. A bigger automobile like an SUV may require stronger bearings, but on an average car, a bearing that has an 850-pound capacity may be enough. Trucks and other vehicles which are usually loaded with cargo or extra work equipment may need a bearing that has a 1,500-pound capacity. Always take into consideration the quality and strength of the wheel bearing before fitting one into your vehicle because the metal component may break when the vehicle weight becomes too much to handle. An OES Genuine wheel bearing has a diverse range of load capacity so you won't have a problem choosing one for your ride.

Dust, moisture, and dirt may damage your wheel bearings over time. Replacing the bearings would be a lot more convenient if you know where to purchase high quality replacement pieces. For a budget-friendly OES Genuine wheel bearing, search our selection at Parts Train today.