OES Genuine Water Housing Gasket & Accessories

You'd better install a new OES Genuine Water Housing Gasket in place of the old one on your ride so that you'll prevent a small leak from giving you bigger problems in the future. When this gasket blows, you'll surely have your coolant mixture leaking all over the engine bay. What's worse is that the radiator can help spread the coolant across different components. That is why replacing the blown gasket should be your priority if you want to preserve the condition of your engine parts.

If you're not sure that you have a coolant leak somewhere in your vehicle, you can literally sniff it out. The smell of burnt coolant will point you directly to the area you need to work on. Once you've confirmed that the leak comes from your busted water housing gasket, don't delay getting a replacement. Otherwise, you'll find that the coolant level in your reservoir is going down significantly with each passing day. Plug it up right away with a fresh OES Genuine Water Housing Gasket and rest assured you'll be able to kiss all your coolant leak problems away. Once your new housing gasket is in place, remember to constantly monitor the coolant level to confirm that your replacement job worked and that you're no longer losing coolant because of a leak in the system.

You never need to worry about coolant leaking as long as you replace the blown gasket with an OES Genuine Water Housing Gasket. This replacement part is guaranteed to be durable because it's manufactured out of the finest materials and produced using premium-grade equipment. In addition, OES Genuine's experience in producing a wide array of OE-style components helps ensure that each part will be on par with high industry standards as far as quality and reliability are concerned. What's more, you can bank on the manufacturer's warranty that this component is bundled with. It's good for up to 12,000 miles on your vehicle's odometer or 12 months after purchase, which means you'll get ample coverage in case you encounter any premature signs of damage or damage straight after pulling the item out of the packaging. Now that's what security and peace of mind is all about.

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