OES Genuine Water Flange Gasket & Accessories

A busted water flange gasket will surely hamper your ride's engine cooling capabilities, so the ideal thing to do would be to keep the water flange sealed by installing a new OES Genuine Water Flange Gasket. You also likely don't want water or coolant to leak all over your engine block, where the fluids can cause harm to various components. The new gasket will prevent this from happening.

Basically, your coolant lines attach to the flange, and along with your gasket, the flange is there to ensure that there are no leaks and that no fluid will be wasted. If you often find a pool of coolant accumulating under your vehicle, chances are that your coolant is leaking-and one of the main causes of coolant leaks include a busted flange gasket. One symptom of leakage from this component is the appearance of a red-colored residue that you can find between your ride's engine block and the coolant flange. You can also check if the flange itself is damaged, although it's more likely that the flange gasket is blown or leaky. If you're out to replace that busted gasket, you won't go wrong with a new OES Genuine Water Flange Gasket. It's an OE-style component that not only comes with specifications and dimensions that match your ride's stock flange gasket but also offers the same level of durability and reliability. When replacing the flange gasket, you should drain the existing coolant in the reservoir or at least get most of it out so that you don't end up with such a huge mess as you perform the replacement.

A fresh water flange gasket from OES Genuine is sure to serve you well for quite some time. Each one has been manufactured using the brand's modern production facilities and has gone through a number of quality checks. OES Genuine has been in the business for years, so you can rely on it to provide excellent automotive part solutions at all times. Rest assured that your OES Genuine Water Flange Gasket will keep your ride's precious coolant right where it belongs, allowing the vehicle's engine to stay cool as it dishes out excellent performance.

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