OES Genuine Washer T Connector & Accessories

When you've got a busted T connector within your windshield washer system, the best option is to replace it with a fresh OES Genuine Washer T Connector. Having a reliable connector in place will help make sure that your windshield washers are going to work properly and that your precious windshield washer fluid won't just leak out of your ride.

If your windshield washer system needs to join washer hoses at right angles, then it makes use of a T connector. When this particular connector is damaged, chances are that windshield washer operation will be hampered and you might even be losing windshield washer fluid. Make sure you get a new OES Genuine Washer T Connector as soon as possible and mount it in place of the affected part in order to restore smooth operation from your windshield washers. This replacement connector is guaranteed to provide excellent service for a long time, and there's also the added benefit of it being quite easy to install thanks to the part's OE-style specifications and design. Once you get this product, rest assured that it'll only take a bit of time and effort and you'll enjoy unhindered windshield washer functionality in no time.

OES Genuine is already among the recognizable brands when it comes to aftermarket parts, thanks to an extensive product line that covers a broad range of vehicle makes and models. What's more, each item from the company complies with high quality standards. That's because all the products are made at top-of-the-line facilities and have passed a battery of tests. That's why you can count on every OES Genuine Washer T Connector to work well for a long time even if it's always exposed to harsh conditions under the hood. For added security and protection, each connector is also given a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty from the manufacturer. This means you get a replacement unit in case the one you got was defective or is already damaged out of the box.

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