OES Genuine Washer Reservoir Filter & Accessories

A great remedy for a clogged filter in your windshield washer fluid reservoir is to install a replacement, which is why you need a new OES Genuine Washer Reservoir Filter. The washer reservoir filter can be found between the washer reservoir itself and the washer pump. There are various substances and materials that can clog the filter, and this will hamper the flow of washer fluid from the container to the pump. Basically, a clogged filter can lead to the lack of windshield washer function, so you have to replace the affected filter immediately.

The washer reservoir contains the formulation of washer fluid that your washers squirt out so that your wipers can keep the windscreen squeaky clean. The fluid itself needs to be clean to ensure proper cleaning capability, which is why there's a filter or a screen to keep particles and other materials out. The filter also serves as a secondary protector for the pump, hose, and other components through which the fluid goes. Of course, the particles can accumulate over time and clog up the filter. There are even instances where bacteria or algae foul up part of the filter, rendering the washer system useless. Once you've determined that the clogged filter is causing your washer problems, don't hesitate to replace it right away. Don't worry-you won't run into any difficulties when it comes to mounting a new OES Genuine Washer Reservoir Filter as it features specifications, design, and fit that match original equipment counterparts. Also, since you're already replacing the windshield washer reservoir filter, remember that may need to replace the washer fluid as well. Clean out the reservoir if necessary to minimize the potential for a fresh round of clogging on the filter.

As an aftermarket manufacturer that provides a wide range of solutions for discerning car owners, hobbyists, and enthusiasts, OES Genuine has tons of experience manufacturing reliable parts and accessories. The company has modern production equipment that guarantee the highest level of quality, and each item is made from fine materials for total durability. That's why you can count on each OES Genuine Washer Reservoir Filter to give you years of service. Not satisfied with that? You'll be glad to know that each filter also comes with a warranty from the manufacturer that's good for up to 12,000 miles or 12 months.

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