OES Genuine Washer Reservoir Cap & Accessories

With an OES Genuine washer reservoir cap, you can be sure that you won't lose even a drop of your precious washer fluid. While it doesn't directly affect the performance of your ride, you can't discount the importance of a well-functioning windshield wiper and washer system in your ride. It keeps the windshield clean at all times to provide you with maximum road visibility. This is very important especially when you're frequently driving on dusty areas or when it's raining hard and you need a clear view of the road to avoid accidents.

When driving, keep this in mind: if you can't see, you can't drive safely. So if you don't want to end up going out of your ride every now and then just to wipe dirt and water off your windshield, you should make sure that your wiper and washer system is working well at all times. If you think your washer reservoir is already leaking and the problem is a broken cap, don't think twice in replacing it with an OES Genuine washer reservoir cap. You won't regret choosing one from OES Genuine because you can be sure that it is made from top-quality materials and is manufactured using only the latest manufacturing processes and techniques. This washer reservoir cap is made to match the technical specifications of your stock so it will sure fit your windshield washer system properly. It will also work well with other components of the said system such as the washer reservoir, the pump, the nozzle, and the electric motor.

As its name implies, the OES Genuine washer reservoir cap covers the opening of the tank to prevent the said washer fluid from spilling especially when the vehicle is running through uneven terrains. It also stops dirt from entering the tank and contaminating the fluid inside. With it, the washer fluid is contained inside the tank, ready for use anytime you need it. You can find this cap along with the washer fluid reservoir in the right side of the luggage compartment. At its bottom is a fitting designed to hold the fluid leaving the reservoir. On top of it is a bigger fitting resting freely in a crescent-moon shaped bracket that's fastened to the inside part of the fender. Another advantage of getting an OES Genuine washer reservoir cap is it matches not just the washer system components but also the other parts of the vehicle it comes in contact with like the said bracket.

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