OES Genuine Washer Pump & Accessories

Clean, clear windshields will get you to places you needed to be, safe and sound, so replace the malfunctioning pump of your washer with the OES Genuine washer pump. This replacement unit is designed to provide your washer system with a more powerful liquid-pressuring device so as to keep it responsive, anytime, anywhere. The OES Genuine washer pump is also manufactured from high-quality materials but is fashioned to match the original equipment. This way, it can actually be used as a direct replacement on compatible makes and models of automobiles. Along with this, it is guaranteed for easy installation and thus a DIYer's favorite. This new washer pump comes with its manufacturer's recommended installation accessories and guides and thus can be fixed in the vehicle fast and easy.

The OES Genuine washer pump is basically a small electronic pump that is part of the washer system of a vehicle, generally located on the side of the washer liquid tank. Given the complexity of its location, it is still easy to determine if this part is not working properly: when the switch is turned on and the washer won't work. At the first sign, get the pump replaced to preserve the system's function. To do that, you need to locate and disconnect this device. Usually, the washer assembly can be found in one of these places: inside the engine bay or in the fender well. If it's under the hood, unplug the pump off; if it's in the fender well, tracing the nozzle cables will lead to which side it is mounted on.

To get to the busted washer pump, the wheel on the side it is mounted needs to be removed, so does the splash guard on that side. This task may also demand removal of the inner fender well on some automobile configurations. There, secured in place by a mounting bolt and is connected to a fluid hose and electrical connector is the washer's reservoir. The pump should be on its side and can be taken off by unsnapping it from its mount. Clean the affected areas from any deep-seated particulates and fix the compatible OES Genuine washer pump in place. Test if it works by turning the washer on. Of course, throughout the process, it will be safe to disconnect the negative cable going to the battery. Put it back in place when the new pump is already in its place.

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