OES Genuine Vehicle Speed Sensor & Accessories

Defective speed sensors can cause a lot of problems in your ride so you better have it replaced right away with an OES Genuine vehicle speed sensor. This is an exact replacement for your factory component so you are assured of perfect fit. It is also compatible with the other components it will work hand in hand with, so everything will be carried out smoothly - from data gathering to the transmission of the gathered information to the engine computer. It is a common automotive knowledge that the speed sensor provides the PCM or powertrain control module with very vital readings that are used to control the operations of many important systems.

Because it works real hard to deliver accurate information, your decision to use an OES Genuine vehicle speed sensor as replacement for your stock is but right. And the reason is obvious - the speed sensor from this brand is designed to function like the original. You also don't need to do modifications just to make it fit and work well with the vehicle systems that are dependent on the data gathered by this sensor. Among such systems are power steering, which regulates the power steering pressure based on the information fed by the sped sensor, and the automatic transmission, where the sensor's readings are used to aid in shift strategy.

With an OES Genuine vehicle speed sensor installed, it will also be easy for the anti-lock brake system to determine if there's a wheel lock-up so it can easily deliver pressure to that particular wheel to immediately restore directional stability. Hybrid Electric Cluster Modules and Instrument Cluster also make use of the information from the speed sensor for the speedometer's operations. Modern air suspension systems depend on the output of the said sensor to find out the vehicle's height, and do the necessary adjustments to improve its handling. Also, your ride's cruise control system is able to maintain constant speed because the speed sensor tells it when to turn the system on and off. Another advantage of getting an OES Genuine vehicle speed sensor for replacement is, you can easily install it in your ride using basic tools and even without the help of a pro. The things you'll need are sockets, ratchet, and screwdrivers. So don't wait until your defective vehicle speed sensor brings about serious problems like cruise control and anti-lock brake system malfunctions and improper lockup of the torque converter clutch.

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