OES Genuine Vapor Canister Filter & Accessories

It's important to keep the filter on your ride's vapor canister fresh, so don't hesitate to grab a new OES Genuine Vapor Canister Filter when the stock filter is no longer up to the task. After all, the inlet that leads into the vapor canister itself can get blocked by stuff like road debris and bird feathers without the filter at the bottom of your canister. Those materials are also responsible for clogging up the filter, so it will have to be replaced eventually so that the vapor canister can adequately absorb the vapors that come from your ride's fuel tank.

Replacing the stock vapor canister filter shouldn't be too difficult, especially with an OE-style OES Genuine Vapor Canister Filter that should just slide into place. Just make sure you consult your ride's user manual to check if you have the proper replacement filter on hand. Most options are sold individually, which means you can just order exactly how many pieces you need. Once you've got the new filter in, you can drive worry-free even on unpaved dirt roads and you won't have to worry about unwanted particles or materials getting into the system.

You never have to be worried when it comes to the performance of the OES Genuine Vapor Canister Filter. That's because each one has been developed to withstand even the toughest conditions. In addition, every component that rolls off the OES Genuine factories is made in premium-grade production facilities and has undergone extensive testing and quality checking. That's how the company's products are able to pass strict industry standards on quality. For your peace of mind, each vapor canister filter is also backed by a standard 12,000-mile/12-month warranty furnished by the manufacturer. That means you'll get a fresh replacement on the off chance that your item is defective or arrives at your address with some damage.

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