OES Genuine Valve Cover Seal Washer & Accessories

You'll need the OES Genuine valve cover seal washer to preserve your valvetrain seal at its top condition. This will be installed in place of the original washers used beneath every cap nut that holds your valve cover securely fasten with the valve case. Made by world-class manufacturer, this replacement unit is made from high-grade materials that are machined for uniformity. Each finish washer product from the brand is tested using extreme impact forces and thermal stresses to guarantee it will last any condition present in the engine system. Given these improvements, this valve cover seal washer still adheres to the standard size commonly used in automobiles. That way, the OES Genuine valve cover seal washer will still easily fit in your valvetrain.

Installation of this replacement valve cover seal washer is a DIY application. In fact, it is an easy remove-and-replace task .The catch is that you need to access the valvetrain of your vehicle, which is the most crucial part. With the right tools though, you can get to the valve cover where the cap nuts are exposed. Under each nut is a washer you need to replace. The nuts and bolts at this point in time may be dirty and compacted with a layer of dirt or corrosive elements. You'll need a liquid penetrant or degreaser to loosen them up. Spray WD40 and once they have loosened up, remove them to get the washers off the valve cover. After cleaning this area, slip the OES Genuine valve cover seal washer into the bolt and tighten the nut down. Do not over tighten to keep the washer from getting crushed or damaged.

Installed correctly, a durable washer for your valve cover seal from OES Genuine is expected to last longer under extreme conditions present in your vehicle's engine system. This is so as every product form this brand is intended for performance-level functionality. That way, you can drive without worrying about your valve cover seal even during prolonged driving expeditions. And whenever this part is at its top condition, oil leaks will never happen in the valvetrain and thus, the good working performance of the engine is assured. So don't wait too long before you get the OES Genuine valve cover seal washer fixed in place of your failing part. Doing that will only expose your more important parts to serious damages which will require bigger expenditure.

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