OES Genuine Valve Adjust Shim & Accessories

The OES Genuine valve adjust shim is a good choice of replacement if you are considering an upgrade in place of the donned shim in your system. This part is a tougher disc of machined metal which has a calibrated height that's designed as clearance between the camshaft lobe and the valve of the engine. This ‘lash' provides the valve more room to operate on. On valvetrains where an intermediate rocker arm is not included, the camshaft lobe is allowed to directly work on the cam through the lift that a shim provides. Generally, a shim will be sitting on top of a shim bucket, which in turn, sits on the valve-stem. Getting a direct replacement OES Genuine valve adjust shim will ensure exact fit and adherence to this set up.

In fact, OES Genuine products are intended for DIY applications. They are manufactured using the basic specifications used on original shims. That way, there will be a direct replacement for every automobile make. All products from the manufacturer are also made from high grade materials and went through strict production procedures. They are hardened and machined using innovative facilities, which also ensure the uniformity of these products. Every shim is tested for capacity and production tolerances before packed for distribution. What reaches the market are quality assured model of the OES Genuine valve adjust shim for your engine system. It comes with the manufacturer's detailed installation manual, which you can use as reference. The use of your vehicle manual will help you remove your original shim in no time and correctly.

Perhaps, the difficult part of this restoration task will be the removal of the old, donned adjusting shim of your valvetrain. This alone will require you to access the most important working parts of your powerhouse. And whenever any of your valvetrain comprising parts are touched, altered, or changed, you need to readjust the valve timing in accordance to its new set up. But with the exact specifications of the OES Genuine valve adjust shim you can rest assured that you'll be able to restore your engine's performance back to its original condition. Best of all, you can even improve this by advancing or overlapping the valve timings of your engine system.

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