OES Genuine Vacuum Valve & Accessories

You can define vacuum as nothingness or emptiness, but it plays an extremely important role in your vehicle-it just needs to be properly controlled, something that's easy to achieve with the use of an OES Genuine vacuum valve. Valves are used to manage the flow of substances like gas and liquid, controlling their transfer from one device to another. In your vehicle, you will find different valves designed to control vacuum. This element is useful in various systems in your auto-the intake system, the exhaust assembly, and even the brakes. And for vacuum to be properly utilized, you must have the correct OES Genuine vacuum valve mounted in your ride.

You will find the automotive vacuum valve available in different types, according to its function. One type is a vacuum relief valve, a valve designed to vent out excessive pressure in a system. An example is the valve that is used in the fuel tank. Vacuum builds up within the tank while it is sealed, and excessive vacuum can cause damage. Therefore, a relief valve is needed to vent out vacuum and protect the fuel assembly. This valve has a set pressure point that, when reached, allows it to open for venting. Another type is the vacuum controlled valve, and an example is the valve used in the exhaust gas recirculation system. This valve makes use of vacuum to siphon some gases from the exhaust into the intake assembly for proper burning and for keeping temperatures inside the engine lower. And lastly, you will also find a vacuum switching valve in your vehicle, for use in the fuel tank. In the tank is a canister that catches fuel vapors and keeps them from being released into the environment. The said vapors are directed by the valve towards the intake for burning in the engine once you crank your auto. All these functions are very important, so you need nothing less than the best valve-you can trust the OES Genuine vacuum valve to deliver.

The one thing that you need to watch out for in your vacuum valve is clogging, a common scenario as dirt builds up on the valve over time. Clogging on the valve can result in various problems, depending on the type of valve that is affected. Some of the problems that you may experience are poor fuel economy, high emissions, and even performance problems. At worst, problems with the vacuum valve (especially the EGR valve) could result in engine damage. Be sure that you don't let this happen-keep the valve in good shape and replace it immediately with an OES Genuine vacuum valve once it gets busted.

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