OES Genuine Turn Signal Light & Accessories

If you are to be asked what you know about your car's OES turn signal light, you probably would answer that it's meant to signal other drivers when you are turning left or right. But that's plainly seeing the tip of the iceberg. The turn signal lights that your car is equipped with are probably the best safety devices it has. This prevents other vehicles behind your car from crashing to it when you're changing lanes; not to mention, to veer you away from those long arguments after a minor fender bender.

To be able to appreciate what the OES turn signal light can do for you, you have to know exactly how it works. First, the turn signal light gets its power right after turning the ignition key on, signaling the car battery to send power towards the fuse panel then towards the turn signal flasher. From the flasher, the power moves to the stalk in the steering column. When the turn signals are not in use, the electricity stops on the turn signal switch near the flasher. If you move the turn signal stalk up or down, the electricity flows towards the left or right turn signal.

So now you know how the OES Genuine turn signal light works, what you can do is to keep it at tip-top shape. During your car's quarterly check, don't forget to have your turn signal light inspected. If your mechanic sees some of the parts of your turn signal system-the bulbs, the thermal flasher, the relays, the switch-are about to give in, have those parts replaced with new ones right away. Don't ever worry about the cost of replacement turn signal system parts because if you are getting them from Parts Train, expect them at their lowest possible prices and at their A-class quality.

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