OES Genuine Turn Signal Lens & Accessories

Driving with a cracked or broken turn signal lens is risky; to keep you and your passengers safe when on the road, replace that busted lens with an OES Genuine turn signal lens. A reliable replacement, this lens is sure to easily fit your ride and provide excellent performance you can rely on for years. After all, the OES Genuine brand has been in the auto parts industry for years, and has proven its unwavering commitment to product durability and consumer satisfaction. As a matter of fact, more and more car owners are switching to this brand because of its quality products that easily match various vehicle specifications. This means OES Genuine products can be installed easily without the help of an auto mechanic. So, you get to save a lot of time and dollars if you opt for an OES Genuine replacement component.

The turn signal lens is an important component of your car's lighting assembly. It protects the bulb from moisture and road debris, and helps you signal other drivers if you're planning to make a turn. Driving with a busted turn signal lens is not only risky, as it might also land you trouble with the cops. Because of the lens' important role in vehicle safety, regulations dictate that every vehicle should be equipped with fully function turn signal lenses. If you're caught driving with a busted lens, you can either get a ticket or be fined. To avoid the hassle, replace that damaged lens with an OES Genuine turn signal lens. There are products out there that allow you to repair small cracks and holes but in most cases, these are just temporary solutions. If the crack isn't well-covered, water can seep in and damage the bulb. So if you want to be 100% sure that the signal light will function properly, replace that busted lens as soon as possible.

With an OES Genuine turn signal lens as a replacement component, installing is very easy. Just make sure you have your car manual with you and the right tools such as a screwdriver. Carefully read the instructions first when removing the broken lens. After removing all the mounting screws, carefully lift of the lens and attach the replacement part. Screw it back in place, and give the new lens a good wipe to remove grime and dirt. Your car's taillight lens that's equipped with an OES Genuine turn signal lens is now good as new.

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