OES Genuine Turbo Oil Supply Pipe & Accessories

Adding a turbocharger in your vehicle is one of the most efficient means to improve the performance of the engine, but see to it that you keep the turbo in top shape-one part that you can get to ensure that it is always in good condition is the OES Genuine turbo oil supply pipe. The turbocharger is designed to increase the amount of air in the engine, allowing the addition of more fuel for the production of an increased amount of power to propel the wheels. The good thing about this upgrade is that it doesn't add extra weight to the auto. Once mounted, this component can give an increase of approximately 50 percent more horsepower. All you need to do to ensure that the device maintains its efficient operation is to properly lubricate it.

The OES Genuine turbo oil supply pipe is primarily designed for lubricating the turbo parts such as the bearings. As the turbocharger works, it generates a great amount of friction. This friction must be dampened, or there will be an excessive amount of heat in the turbocharger that could lead to overheating and damage. The oil supply pipe, working as an oil passageway, is one of the components responsible for ensuring that the turbocharger receives its needed supply of oil. This device should remain durable and free of any blockage as the turbo runs in order to keep things in order. Otherwise, a simple pipe problem can lead to a huge trouble.

In keeping your OES Genuine turbo oil supply pipe in top shape, there are only a few things that you need to remember. One, be sure that it won't leak. Loss of oil in the turbocharger is dangerous as this can lead to the failure of the entire part. Now you don't want this to happen, do you? And two, be sure that the pipe is free from any contaminant that can block it and prevent the oil from reaching the turbo. When the part is oil-starved, it can easily overheat and fail. Another reason behind the importance of a contaminant-free system is the fact that unwanted particles, no matter how small they are, can cause damage among the metal turbocharger parts. Over time, dirt deposits can accumulate on the pipe, so regular cleaning may be needed. If cleaning is not enough, then you must get a new OES Genuine turbo oil supply pipe.

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