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Even a professional mechanic will agree that behind every great car is an unsung hero than you can truly depend on-and that is your OES Genuine timing rail bolt. What makes this timing rail bolt different from the rest of the bolts in your vehicle is it securely fastens the timing rail in proper place, keeping it functioning at its optimum efficiency. Given its importance, it's your job as a car owner to make sure it's well kept at all times. In order to maintain this bolt in tiptop condition, you'd better grease it using lubricant oil once every month. On top of that, it's a must that you clean its threads by removing dirt or oil residue using your old toothbrush.

If you think these bolt maintenance tasks are the least of your priorities, think again. Failure to do these steps will only lead to premature damage, and when this happens, you're surely gonna face a lot of car problems. For one, without this OES Genuine timing rail bolt, the timing rail will likely be misplaced, which in turn will affect the over-all operation of your engine. What's worse, when this timing rail bolt is completely covered with rust, chances are this damaging element can spread like wildfire in other parts of your vehicle. To save your car from this terrible mess and keep your savings from expensive car repair, the most practical thing you can do is to simply replace your worn OES Genuine timing rail bolt.

While there are many timing rail bolts to choose from in the market, a bolt manufactured by OES Genuine is the perfect choice for your vehicle. As one of the reputable and trusted aftermarket brand in the industry, OES Genuine continues to make replacement parts that exceeds the standards of your vehicle. Unlike run-of-the-mill bolts, this OES Genuine timing rail bolt has undergone a series of tests to ensure its quality. With its extra durability and reliability features, you can expect this bolt provide excellent service. Best of all, this timing rail bolt has a direct-fit design, which only means you can install it directly to your timing rail without modifying anything at all.

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