OES Genuine Trailing Arm & Accessories

Because safety is primarily important to you, fix the OES Genuine trailing arm in place of your failing original suspension part. Doing this will ensure that your axle is securely connected to your chassis and thus won't go astray when you are driving at high RPMs. It will also ensure that leaning of the wheels will not happen during hard turns. This after-sales replacement unit is intended to smooth out the impacts of extremely irregular roads when you go off-roading or use unpaved country streets. Installed correctly to the Panhard rod of your suspension, this heavy-duty substitute will surely allow effective lateral movements and sideways of your vehicle, which are the common pitfalls of automotive trailing arms. More importantly, getting the direct replacement unit of OES Genuine trailing arm will ensure a more durable suspension structure under your vehicle.

A trailing arm is a common suspension part used for the rear axle of most dependent vehicle suspension systems. It is made up of a number of arms or links. These links are located in between the chassis of the vehicle and its axle, forming a structural support. Some vehicles using the trailing arm suspension as a system also employs a leading arm. This suspension part has one arm that is also positioned in between the axle and the chassis. It's usually used on the front axle. Both of these suspension assemblies are rigid in construction and are designed for heavy-duty purposes. Over time, their functions will take toll on their service lives and to restore them, the OES Genuine trailing arm should be acquired and installed in your suspension.

Installation of this new trailing arm is a muscle work but can be DIYed with the help of the manufacturer's installation manual. It's going to be a dirty work so make sure you wear comfortable working clothes and safety gears before starting the installation process. This task will also require a number of special tools to make removal of some suspension parts easy for you. A trailing arm from OES Genuine is made from high grade and lightweight materials but still, it is heavy for an average DIYer. Help is therefore recommended but is not a requirement. There will be a direct replacement OES Genuine trailing arm made especially for your vehicle; this is what you must acquire for this restoration project. Start off by disconnecting the negative battery cable of your automobile to ensure your safety against electrocution.

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