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Next to Jordan's retirement announcement, today's NBA lockout is truly a heartbreaking news, but when your mechanic tells you that you're gonna need a new OES Genuine trailing arm bush set to replace your worn bushings, now that's another story. While you can sit back and watch how the NBA Association and players' union settlement goes, lying around at the sofa and doing absolutely nothing to fix your car suspension will get you nowhere. So instead of sulking in your living room watching re-runs of last season's games, go straight to your garage, pick up your tool box, and start repairing your trailing arm.

Wondering why your trailing arm bush is a total bust? There are a few good reasons that can explain this suspension problem. For one, because this trailing arm bush is constantly exposed to harsh elements like extreme heat and pressure, it will likely wear down sooner than expected. Also, as the trailing arm moves up and down repeatedly whenever you're driving by bumpy roads or sharp curves, the trailing arm bush is excessively stretched to the point that it loosens or cracks. And when this elastic joint finally breaks, chances are the trailing arm will disengage from the axle and chassis, leaving the coil springs without any support. This suspension trouble will lead to bigger handling problems which can affect not only the performace of your vehicle but also your driving safety. Unless you remove and install an OES Genuine trailing arm bush set in your suspension, this can be the end of the road for your beloved ride.

Luckily, there are hundreds of automotives stores selling all sorts of trailing arm bush replacements. However, several of these run-of-the-mill stock bushings you see are poorly made or simply defective. This is why an OES Genuine trailing arm bush set is the perfect choice for you. Crafted from the finest materials, this trailing arm bush not only meets but also exceeds the standards of your vehicle. What's more, this bush has a direct-fit design, meaning you can install it straight to your trailing arm without doing tedious and stressful adjustments. If you're not quite sure what type of OES Genuine trailing arm bush set best fits your car, then it's advisable that you consult your car manual. In this handbook you can also get some tips as to how you can perform this DIY job in the easiest way you can. This way, you can finish the job on time, plus you've got to save your cash from costly car repair.

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