OES Genuine Timing Guide Rail & Accessories

It's not everyday you'll be able to find a car that has an OES Genuine timing guide rail. And if your car has one, you probably wouldn't notice it. That's because the timing guide rail is designed so that it would blend with the features of your engine. This component, located in front of the engine, guides the timing belt so that it can just slither around the engine's pulleys without ever slipping off. It's not a standard feature, but for some type of vehicles especially with v6 or v8 engines, the timing guide rail is really important.

The more powerful your engine is, the more chances that those parts linked to your engine can malfunction. Why, well, you got high temperatures and extreme workload battering all those adjacent components. And one of the components that take a lot of beating are the accessory, serpentine, or timing belts. When you step on the gas, the engine increases the rate in which it burns fuel forcing the crankshaft to speed up its rotation as well. When this happens, the accessory belts slither on the crankshaft pulley at a faster rate with a possibility of being disconnected from the entire system. But if the engine is equipped with an OES genuine timing guide rail, no matter how fast the accessory belts turn, they won't go anywhere but around the pulleys.

The design of the OES Genuine timing guide rail depends on the make and model of your car. So you better look into your car's manual or ask the help of your trusted mechanic if you need a replacement timing guide rail. But if you already know the kind of timing guide rail that your ride needs, you just have to find the auto parts store that has been serving the automotive world with A-class auto needs for many, many years-Parts Train.

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