OES Genuine Timing Cover O-Ring & Accessories

If what your ride needs is a leak-free timing cover, then make your next o-ring an OES Genuine Timing Cover O-Ring. Like all the rest of the o-rings found in your ride, this particular type of gasket is specially designed to act as a seal between two or more components. Its unmistakable “o” shape, lets you fit this component in the grooves between the mating surfaces of your engine or timing cover parts. Its somewhat malleable design also makes this o-ring an ideal seal for engine parts with incompatible mating surfaces. Aside from being highly efficient in preventing oil leaks in your engine assembly, this timing cover o-ring is also specifically manufactured to give you lasting service. Its durable construction can be attributed to the top-grade materials used in making each OES Genuine Timing Cover O-Ring you'll find on the market.

Now, another great quality of this particular o-ring is that it is backed by a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty. Because of this, it helps assure you that you'll be getting quality and lasting service from the timing cover o-ring you're buying. OES Genuine also offers o-rings for the upper and lower sections of your timing cover. That way, you can be sure that the OES Genuine Timing Cover O-Ring you're getting is one that will definitely give your timing belt and other engine components sufficient protection against contaminants brought on by oil leaks. That is why, if what you're after is a timing cover o-ring that offers superb and lasting service, then make it a point to get an OES Genuine o-ring.

To make sure that the o-ring you're getting is right for your ride, we highly recommend referring to your original equipment's part number. Now, this number should be listed in your vehicle's owner's manual. If your manual is nowhere to be found, don't worry because you can easily locate the right OES Genuine Timing Cover O-Ring for your ride when you head on to our site. Here at Parts Train, we can help you narrow down your timing cover o-ring search results through our store's built-in Part Finder. Simply select your vehicle's specifics (year, make, model, sub-model, and/or engine type), and we'll filter all your searches to reflect only the parts that are fully compatible with your ride.

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