OES Genuine Timing Chain Tensioner & Accessories

The OES Genuine timing chain tensioner is important for cars that use timing chains instead of timing belts to properly coordinate the crankshaft and the camshaft of the engine. What the timing chain tensioner does is to apply the right amount of tension to the timing chain so that it won't just loosen up and get thrown out of the engine assembly or get damaged due to too much rigidity and break. To know the importance of the timing belt tensioner, we have to look at the advantages of the timing chains against the timing belts.

The timing chain, resembling a bicycle's chain, slithers from the crankshaft of the engine to its camshaft just like the timing belt. This is to ensure that the pistons and valves of the engine are in sync, preventing them from pushing the camshaft before it has actually reached its full cycle. When the timing belt fails, mainly because of a malfunctioning timing chain tensioner, the engine can actually break down. That's why there's an OES Genuine timing chain tensioner that will safeguard the timing chain so that it can continue on functioning well and last the life of the engine.

Timing chains are proven to last longer than timing belts, but without a fully-functional timing chain tensioner, timing chains are useless. If the timing chain tensioner is substandard, the timing chains can prematurely wear down due to too much or too little tension coming from the tensioner. You're car might have a hard time starting and idling, not to mention produce those knocking sounds from under the hood. That's why it's recommended to have your timing chain checked by a professional at least every three months to see if the tension being applied by the timing chain tensioner is just enough. Also, consider turning in your old timing chain tensioner for a durable and top-performing OES Genuine timing chain tensioner that you can immediately get from a world-renown auto parts retailer that has satisfied millions of customers with its A-class auto parts. That automotive shop is Parts Train.

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