OES Genuine Timing Belt Tensioner & Accessories

The OES Genuine timing belt tensioner is tasked to keep the timing belt moving and powering up your engine without any problems. But if you're car's belt tensioner is not working properly, chances are, your vehicle's engine will experience a dip in performance and can even get damaged. But how can you tell if your car's timing belt tensioner is about to give up? Well, it's tedious to disassemble the engine assembly, so what you can actually do is to listen to the sounds produced by your car.

If you have been using your car for about 5 years now, you'll probably notice that your engine seems to be producing odd sounds besides the usual rumblings of its internal combustion system. So try to listen more carefully because those sounds might be signs of a wearing timing belt tensioner. First, if you hear rattling noises upon starting or during acceleration, the belt tensioner might be cracked and is applying too much tension on the belt. Next, listen for rapid changes in your cars RPM; the car may not be able to pick up speed like before if the belt tensioner is malfunctioning. Also, check for bizarre humming noises which could indicate that the bearings of the tensioner are wearing out. And when changing gears, listen for those earsplitting squeaks and screeches. These are probably the worst sounds that will tell you outright that your car's faulty tensioner needs to be replaced with a new, top-performing OES Genuine timing belt tensioner.

Well, besides listening to the sounds of your car's engine, sending your vehicle to a reliable auto-technician might be the best way to know if you need to turn in your timing belt tensioner. This component, made from aluminum and steel, is directly connected to the engine. So even if the timing belt tensioner is made from tough materials, the heat and pressure produced during the engine's combustion process and other elements like water, dirt, and oil can trim down the tensioner's service significantly. Don't worry because the OES Genuine timing belt coming from Parts Train will outlast and outperform your car's original tensioner.

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