OES Genuine Timing Belt Idler & Accessories

For your car's engine to work properly, make sure you bought yourself a brand new OES Genuine timing belt idler. You see, the engine parts work in a certain rhythm or pace. The timing belt, together with the idler, serves as the synchronizer of the engine valves. If you have a four-stroke engine, remember that the valves open and close in a certain fashion as the crankshaft revolve. But the crankshaft will not turn unless the timing belt turns the camshaft together with the crankshaft using its “teeth.” Sounds pretty complicated? In simple terms, the timing belt controls the timing of the entire engine.

Now, what's the role of the idler? The OES Genuine timing belt idler helps keeps the belt in place and makes sure it is tightly attached in order to perform its job efficiently. Wondering how it works? Easy! The idler supports the weight of the timing belt and at the same time maintains its tension to be able to revolve around easily. Think about your own belt. You could very well see that your belt comes with either a knuckle or a buckle. This metal piece keeps your belt in place at just the right fit for your waist. Once your belt does not hold your pants tight enough, chances are they-yes, your pants-will fall. You do not want that, do you?

The beauty of the OES Genuine timing belt idler is that this device will keep your cam belt tightly attached to be able to turn and jumpstart engine operations. There are also timing belts used to power up the oil or water pump of the internal combustion engine. But these belts do pretty much the same thing: revolve to make sure the parts work in a rather synchronized fashion. Do not entrust your engine to brands you have never heard before. For all you know, you might be risking the rhythm of your car to a know-nothing. OES Genuine is the only way to go.

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