OES Genuine Tie Rod Washer & Accessories

To prevent premature damage on your car's tie rods, it has to be equipped with an OES Genuine Tie Rod Washer. Basically, this product is just like all kinds of washers out there because it has a hole in the center and it's mounted under a nut so that the pressure won't damage the tie rods prematurely. The tie rods need to be protected because they're the ones that connect the steering arms. Without tie rods, it becomes impossible to steer your vehicle and that means there's no way that you'll be able to drive it at all.

The OES Genuine Tie Rod Washer is made from either metal, plastic, and sometimes even chromoly. All these materials ensure that the tie rods are always protected from excessive pressure and heat that could damage them. What's good about this tie rod washer from OES Genuine is that it's designed specifically so you can install it without any trouble. In fact, all you need are a few simple tools and you'll be able to install them easily. All of the tie rod washers that we have in our catalog come in different sizes and thickness and that said, you can be sure that they'll fit virtually all kinds of vehicle makes and models. Now if you're not really a hardcore DIY fanatic, all you need to do is follow the instructions in the service manual and you'll be able to mount this tie rod washer in place.

This OES Genuine Tie Rod Washer is clearly the best option that you'll find in the market today. Not only is this easy to install, it also offers supreme durability because it has undergone all kinds of tests before being delivered to the manufacturing facilities of OES Genuine. Because of its toughness, it's not surprising that many people have chosen the OES Genuine Tie Rod Washer as their replacement tie rod washer.

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