OES Genuine Throttle Switch & Accessories

Because you love driving in full throttle, this OES Genuine throttle switch will surely work best for your car. Rev your car up, let the air get in your engine, and allow your car to gain power so you can engage in full throttle. Buckle up, because this is high-speed driving we're talking about! Get ready to rule the road!

You see, never take your throttle switch for granted because this small device plays a very vital role especially while you are on the road. The OES Genuine throttle switch helps control the vacuum in the carburetor of your car's engine. It's easy to locate as this switch can be seen mounted on the throttle body with a roller on it. Remember, the greater the vacuum, the fuller the air/fuel mixture. This switch disengages the automotive compressor circuit as you accelerate. A cam on the throttle lever closes the switch contacts as a signal that full-throttle mixture enrichment is needed so you can engage in full throttle.

Your car is a big piece of investment; you would not want it to be ruined by second-grade component, by all means. Good thing this OES Genuine throttle switch will take your full-throttle engine in control. No worries here because this part is manufactured using the most durable raw materials that will keep your throttle switch in good condition for a long time. Have it tested every now and then to make sure that your car is ready to fire up on the road. If it doesn't work quite well, adjust it as it is mounted. But if it still fails, surely, it's time for a replacement. Remember the name OES Genuine. Because with this name, you can't go wrong.

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