OES Genuine Throttle Position Sensor & Accessories

The OES Genuine throttle position sensor (TPS) is an after-sales replacement electronic control unit designed to substitute the busted original equipment or upgrade the factory component of an automobile. Its primary purpose upon installation is to determine the actual position of the engine's throttle, the changes, and how fast these changes in positions occur and send this information to the vehicle computer. This information will be used by the engine computer unit (ECU) to improve the powerhouse's efficient operations by appropriately altering the timing of intake and ignition in the system. And to effectively do this function for the vehicle system, the OES Genuine throttle position sensor must be fixed in place of the original part, right on the butterfly spindle of the throttle valve itself.

Generally, a throttle position sensor (e.g. the OES Genuine throttle position sensor) makes use of the concept of a potentiometer. This device is a type of resistor that generates variable resistance when the throttle valve's position turns from zero to wide open throttle (WOT) using two metals contacts; when it does, the TPS detects the position of the valve and the puzzle is solved for the ECU. Other automobiles makes use of extra sensors of this type like the closed throttle position sensor (CTPS) to determine when the throttle is closed completely and even accelerator pedal sensors. A good example to these pedal sensors is the WOT sensor, which is usually found on automobiles with automatic transmission systems. There are also non-contact types of TPS and these types may use the Hall Effect concept.

The importance of getting the throttle's position (or its valve) is directly associated to optimizing the performance of an internal combustion engine. For example, the timing of ignition, as well as fuel injection is dependent on the positioning of this valve. Also, the rate of change of this valve's position is also a requirement in determining the appropriate amount of fuel for intake. By making this happen, the engine is kept from stalling when the valve is rapidly opened and thus continue its efficient operations. For these functions, you won't rely on a mediocre type of sensor for replacement; you'd surely acquire a top quality like the OES Genuine throttle position sensor. Intended for straight replacement purposes, this unit can easily be installed with or without professional help.

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