OES Genuine Throttle Body Cover & Accessories

To make sure that your car's throttle body would last, it needs a product such as an OES Genuine Throttle Body Cover. Basically, the throttle body is built to do one thing and that's to regulate the flow of air into the intake manifold. If it's not protected by a topnotch OES Genuine Throttle Body Coverm, then you can expect that it'll get damaged easily. Fortunately, this product is already available in one of the best online retail stores in the business-Parts Train.

Parts Train's OES Genuine Throttle Body Cover is made of high-quality materials and because of that we guarantee that it'll last for years. When it comes to installation, all you have to do is follow the instructions in its service manual and you can get the job done right away. By using this amazing throttle body cover, you can be sure that the stock throttle body installed to your ride is protected always.

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