OES Genuine Throttle Body & Accessories

There are various ways to upgrade the performance of your car engine, and one of the great options is by replacing your stock throttle body with a new OES Genuine throttle body. You can get one that features a bigger diameter to allow more air to flow in, which will definitely result in an increased amount of power when paired with a significant boost in fuel supply from the fuel injection system. Getting a throttle body upgrade is one of the simplest yet most effective means to rev up your vehicle engine.

So what is a throttle body? And how will you benefit from the installation of an OES Genuine throttle body? The said component is a part of the air intake system, and it is directly controlled by your car's accelerator pedal. When you closely look at the throttle body, you will find a throttle plate incorporated in it. This plate works like a door, opening and closing to allow airflow or to cut it. The plate opens when you step on the accelerator pedal, and it closes once you release the pedal. This is the reason why you rev up once you press the accelerator-more air gets into the engine to burn fuel, thus creating more power to propel the wheels. This component may be simple in construction and design, but it has a significant effect on your engine's efficiency. And when the said part fails in any way, you can be sure to experience troubles in your drive.

Problems with the throttle body can come in several forms, the most common of which is the accumulation of dirt deposits along its inner walls. As air passes through the throttle body, some of the air particulates that the filter failed to trap can build up along its wall. Additionally, the exhaust gases that are circulating back into the intake for further burning can also accelerate the accumulation of dirt deposit along the wall of the throttle. And, all the accumulated dirt can hinder airflow, thus causing poor performance. Sluggishness in your drive may result, as well as stalling and other performance-related problems. The good news about this is the fact that cleaning the throttle body is a simple task-it can be accomplished by any mechanically oriented car owner. All you will need is carburetor cleaner, a substance that can easily remove all the dirt deposits on the throttle. There are times, however, when the throttle body develops pitting, a problem that is not as easy to address. In instances like this, your best bet would be to get a replacement OES Genuine throttle body.

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