OES Genuine Throttle Actuator & Accessories

The electronic throttle system in your vehicle is way more advanced and way more efficient than the mechanical system used in older automobiles, but it will only remain functional if equipped with the right components-an OES Genuine throttle actuator is one reliable device that you can add to this assembly. You can consider the actuator as the primary part behind the operation of the throttle system. It is the component that enables the control of airflow to the engine by the electronic control module of your vehicle, side by side the operation of the fuel injection system, to ensure that the right air-fuel mix is achieved-ensuring an increased amount of power.

The newer electronic throttle system is similar to the traditional throttle system in several aspects, with the difference lying on the use of computers in controlling airflow instead of the direct control provided by cables found in the old set-up. In traditional systems, the accelerator pedal is connected to the throttle by a cable, and control of airflow solely lies on the driver-stepping on the accelerator pedal means increased airflow to the engine. In the new electronic system, computers are used to control airflow with the help of the actuator that is mounted in the throttle system. The use of computer to control airflow to the engine has resulted in significant boost in horsepower and fuel economy. And, the system's operation greatly relies on the efficiency of the actuator, thus the need for one that is reliable at all times-one like the OES Genuine throttle actuator.

Throttle actuators are generally tough-they don't get damaged as often as some of the other parts surrounding them. Most of the time, all they will need is periodic cleaning to ensure that they'll remain in good shape, functional for a long time. However, if you're unfortunate enough to have your stock actuator succumb to failure, the only option would be to replace it. Otherwise, if your engine doesn't receive enough air for combustion because of a busted actuator, you'll be in for trouble. There's nothing to worry about because an aftermarket OES Genuine throttle actuator is readily available today. Installing a new actuator requires some basic knowledge about the system, plus the use of the correct mounting tools.

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