OES Genuine Thermostat Gasket & Accessories

Prevent overheating in your engine with the help of the OES Genuine thermostat gasket. This seal will fix any gaps made by the thermostat to its housing, causing your cooling fluid to seep through and down the hot working parts of your powerhouse. Allowing this to happen will present two serious problems: low supply of coolant in the water jackets of the cylinder and damage on parts where the coolant leaks. The former will cause overheating of the engine and the latter will bring about burnt smell from under the hood or worst, corrosion on any of the leak-affected parts. As part of your preventive maintenance measure, get the old seal out and replace it with the reliable OES Genuine thermostat gasket. Doing this will make your cooling system work efficiently and will keep your engine in top working condition.

Properly sealed thermostat will also ensure fast warming of the engine. By allowing it to reach its extremely high working temperature, the engine can operate more efficiently and consume fuel economically. These can only be attained if the thermostat can block coolant from flowing into the cylinder when the engine is still cool or started cold. This function of the thermostat is critical especially if the water pump is engine-driven. In systems like this, the pump is activated as soon as the engine is started. This means that there's the possibility of surmounting pressure on the thermostat as it blocks the pressurized coolant. This is another reason why it has to be the reliable OES Genuine thermostat gasket that must be used in place of the factory part.

All OES Genuine products are designed to restore, if not to improve, the performance of every automobile on the road. This world-class manufacturer is known for producing high-quality replacement units in their state-of-the-art plants. Leading the industry for years, OES Genuine is trusted for making direct replacement parts for production and OE purposes. The thermostat gasket you need is one of the best examples of their standard-surpassing products. This feature is attained by relentless research from past factory gasket failures and development of new and more effective materials to use on their OES Genuine thermostat gasket. Their tested technology guarantees long-lasting sealing services under extreme conditions. This use of high-grade materials and innovative facilities did not keep the manufacturer from making exact substitutes to every vehicle's standard thermostat gasket. That way, you can have a thermostat gasket that's specially cut for your thermostat's housing. Installed correctly, surface with sticky adhesive facing the thermostat housing, this gasket will guarantee fast warming up of the engine and elimination of overheating. It is also required that the housing is scraped clean to optimize the effectiveness of the adhesive.

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