OES Genuine Thermostat Assembly & Accessories

If you're having problems with your car's cooling system, check it immediately to find out if you just need to buy a brand new OES Genuine thermostat assembly to fix your ride's glitch. You see, your liquid-cooled car comes with a thermostat assembly that's strategically placed between the engine and radiator. This particular assembly works by regulating the flow of coolant in your system-blocking it when you're engine is not fully warmed up yet and releasing it when your system has reached the right temperature. Regulating the flow of coolant is very important because this allows your vehicle to perform at its best. Allowing your engine to warm up correctly reduces the speed of wear and tear as well as the harmful gas emissions it gives off in the process.

Your automobile's stock thermostat assembly is mainly comprised of a valve that opens and closes with the help of a spring tension. The thermostat works its magic with the help of wax that melts and hardens depending on the conditions under your hood. Every time you turn on your engine, the wax melts as the heat increases. When your thermostat detects heat at about 195F, the melted wax puts pressure on a rod that consequently opens the valve blocking your car's coolant. Thermostat assemblies are typically made using the most durable materials, so it will rarely give you any problems. However, if it does wear out or break, you'll definitely have nothing but trouble ahead of you. When this happens, always be prepared to buy a replacement OES Genuine thermostat assembly for your repairs.

The two most common problems faced by thermostats are sticking shut or sticking open. When your auto part sticks shut, it cannot open by itself and this causes blockage in the circulation of coolant. This particular damage may cause your engine to overheat and break down. On the other hand, when your thermostat sticks open, it continually gives off coolant in your engine because it cannot close. This will hinder your system from reaching the normal running temperature, leading to reduced drivability and increased your fuel consumption. The best way to avoid the said problems is by performing maintenance on your assembly. However, when you have no choice but to acquire a new auto part for your ride, always remember to get no less than the OES Genuine thermostat assembly.

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