OES Genuine Thermostat & Accessories

If you know how important the thermostat is for your vehicle, then you'll buy a high-quality replacement such as the OES Genuine thermostat. That's because this small device situated between the engine and radiator is responsible for regulating the flow of coolant to the radiator, depending on the temperature. When it is cold, the thermostat blocks the coolant, allowing the engine to heat up quickly. Once the desired operating temperature is reached (usually around 200 F/95 C), the thermostat opens and allows the coolant to flow and maintain the engine's right temperature. Allowing the engine to reach the correct operating temperature as fast as possible reduces the wear and tear its parts receive and also allows the engine to burn fuel efficiently, reducing harmful emissions. A defective thermostat can either remain open or closed at the wrong time, both of which can cause harm to the engine. That's why it's important to keep the thermostat in good working condition and when it's already defective, replace it with a high-quality OES Genuine thermostat.

The thermostat works by having a cylinder filled with a special wax that expands as it melts. Once the desired temperature is reached, the wax melts and pushes a rod that opens the valve to let the coolant flow through. Once the engine cools down, the wax hardens again and contracts, allowing the valve to close again. It's quite similar to the way an analog thermometer works, except that the wax expands more than the mercury or alcohol used in the thermometer. Being sensitive to the correct temperature is important for the thermostat to function properly. The OES Genuine thermostat is made of high-quality materials and excellently designed to operate at the correct temperatures so as to allow your vehicle to perform at its best.

As time goes on, you will have to replace your vehicle's parts as they wear out. Naturally, getting the right brand of replacement parts is crucial in ensuring that only the best-quality parts go into your vehicle. Now, most factory parts and performance brands are expensive, but getting good quality does not always mean shelling out tons of money for it. OES Genuine is an affordable alternative brand that provides high-quality replacement parts that are priced much lower than factory parts. Quality-wise, though, they are equal. That's because OES Genuine is one of the most trusted auto parts manufacturers around and they also manufacture products, such as the OES Genuine thermostat, for leading auto makes.

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