OES Genuine Thermo Vacuum Valve & Accessories

If you have just upgraded the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve in your vehicle, it might also be the best time for you to get a new OES Genuine thermo vacuum valve (TVV). The EGR system is crucial in keeping exhaust emissions clean by reducing the chances of excessive nitrogen oxide production. Nitrogen oxides are produced when the combustion temperature gets too high, and the EGR system prevents this by sending exhaust gases into the combustion chamber to reduce engine temperature. The EGR valve is the primary device in the system that is responsible in ensuring that this function takes place immediately. However, the valve can only work if it is actuated by another valve-the thermo vacuum valve.

The OES Genuine thermo vacuum valve is designed to control the operation of the EGR valve. The EGR valve works by opening and closing, allowing exhaust flow or cutting it. The opening and closing of this valve is controlled by vacuum-application of vacuum opens the valve and allows exhaust gases to pass through on their way to the intake manifold. The presence of vacuum is in turn controlled by the thermo vacuum valve. This device is designed to be sensitive to heat-it responds to changes in the engine temperature by measuring the coolant temp. Once the coolant reaches a set temp rating, the valve is activated and it opens, allowing the application of vacuum into the EGR valve.

With the function mentioned above, it's easy to tell that the EGR valve only opens and allows exhaust gases to flow into the intake when the engine gets too hot. Why? Well, when exhaust is continuously supplied into the combustion chamber even when the engine temp isn't very high, emissions and performance problems may result. Because of this, the accuracy of the thermo vacuum valve is extremely crucial-it should always remain functional to ensure that the EGR valve opens and closes only at the correct instance. The TVV is designed to work in a hot environment as it constantly measures coolant temperature. Over time, however, it also succumbs to pressure and it can become damaged. When this happens, be sure that you get a new OES Genuine thermo vacuum valve immediately or you may encounter emissions and engine problems.

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