OES Genuine Tensioner Bushing & Accessories

Excessive friction can destroy your tensioner, so replace its bad bushing with a new OES Genuine Tensioner Bushing right away. As you're probably aware of, bushings are vital to the proper operation of your vehicle. These simple pieces of hardware are specially designed to reduce friction between components and to better control the motion of moving parts. Without good bushings, heat will build up in your ride, resulting in a lot of damage. Too much friction also accelerates wear, so if you don't replace bad bushings, you will have to change many of your components much sooner. The same is true with the tensioner bushing in your timing belt assembly. You must get rid of your old bushing as soon as possible if it's clearly in bad shape.

The timing belt mechanism is made up of a variety of components that could all fail over time, including the belt, pulley, tensioner, spacer and bushing. The last thing you want to happen is for the aged bushing to completely fall apart while you're driving, causing improper tension in the belt system. If this happens and your belt is old, too, a complete fiasco could happen on the road. The belt could snap, shutting down many of your vehicle's features, and the valves themselves could get severely damaged. Even the engine would be in terrible risk of damage once the belt breaks apart. To avoid all these complications that will certainly cost you a pretty penny, better replace your shot bushing with an OES Genuine Tensioner Bushing as soon as you can.

Not all bushings perform the same way though they may look similar at first glance. Your local hardware store and junkyard will have a lot of bushings but don't expect these to be on the same level as the OES Genuine Tensioner Bushing. This high-quality bushing is machined from hard-wearing materials, so it will last a very long time regardless of the extreme friction in your vehicle. To ensure precise construction and compliance with applicable industry standards, the part is fabricated with the help of computerized technologies. Before you go ahead with the installation, review your car manual just to be sure how to go about the setup. You can do the replacement yourself but if you lack DIY experience, you can always hire the services of a pro mechanic.

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