OES Genuine Tailgate Hinge Kit & Accessories

If you can't stand your old tailgate hinge's endless creaking anymore, get rid of it and use an OES Genuine Tailgate Hinge Kit to replace it right away. This complete kit contains all the components you need to have a smoothly working tailgate hinge. Instead of buying parts separately, you can go for this kit and have the parts you need all in one place. This way, installation is much easier and faster and your tailgate will be in excellent working condition in a jiffy. The kit is perfect for you if you don't have time for complicated installations. With this kit, you can finish the installation as quickly as possible without having to stop just to buy parts that you may be missing.

Corroded tailgate hinges are very unattractive. Even the most impressive trucks can look bad if their tailgate hinges are thick with rust. If your old hinges have become brittle, they could make opening the tailgate a real chore. Bad hinges, when coupled with bad tailgate locks, can also pose a danger to cargo and your fellow drivers on the road. If the hinges snap, your cargo may come tumbling down the road, hitting other cars around you. To avoid these issues, you must uninstall your defective hinge soon and set up an OES Genuine Tailgate Hinge Kit. Once installed, you'll be surprised by how easy it is to open and close your tailgate. Those annoying creaking and grinding noises will disappear, too, and your tailgate will look cooler than ever.

There are many tailgate hinges in the market today but not all of them can last long, especially if you're the type of driver who has to open and close your tailgate frequently. If you want a highly durable hinge that will perform well for years without giving you any problems, the OES Genuine Tailgate Hinge Kit is perfect for you. All the components in this kit are cut, molded and assembled from high-strength materials using computerized software and machinery, so they meet all industry standards. Remember: never use run-of-the-mill replacement parts or secondhand components taken out from junkyards as these are very poor in quality. Always invest in high-quality components to be sure you can make use of your replacement parts for a long time.

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