OES Genuine Tail Pipe & Accessories

That rotting tail pipe doesn't only look terrible; it's also a danger to your health, so replace it with an OES Genuine Tail Pipe as soon as you can. The main purpose of a tail pipe is to direct noxious gases away from a vehicle, protecting the health of passengers. It may also help reduce noise although a muffler is typically used for this purpose. The danger with bad tail pipes is that they could leak toxic gases which could find their way into the cabin. If you're catching a whiff of combusted gases inside your car, you have to replace your old tail pipe quickly or your respiratory health will be significantly compromised.

Tail pipes get easily neglected by many drivers because they are installed underneath vehicles. A tail pipe could get corroded from inside out while it develops many tiny holes and cracks that let out poisonous emissions. There's really nothing that could save a rusty tail pipe, so you must get rid of it. Some old tail pipes become so rusty however that removing them is quite difficult. If you have this problem, you may have to use some tools to forcibly take the bad tail pipe out. There are drivers who use hacksaws and torches to break corroded pipes lose, but be very careful in case you need to do this with your vehicle. In most cases, repeated gentle taps on the old pipe could gradually loosen its hold. Once the defective pipe is completely out of the way, clean the assembly and install an OES Genuine Tail Pipe in its place.

You'll find all sorts of aftermarket replacement tail pipes in the market but if you only want the best for your ride, you should invest in a top-quality OES Genuine Tail Pipe. This pipe is fabricated from extremely durable materials that will resist corrosion and other types of damage for a very long time. It has a sleek profile-the result of the precise, computerized technologies used throughout its manufacturing process. The pipe will work wonderfully in your vehicle since it conforms to all applicable industry standards of safety and quality. It's easy to install as it practically has the same specs as your factory-installed pipe. But just to make sure you're doing everything correctly, review your vehicle's manual before proceeding with the pipe installation.

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