OES Genuine Tail Light Bulb Holder & Accessories

You will need the reliable construction of the OES Genuine tail light bulb holder whenever replacing or upgrading the tail lights of your automobile. This replacement unit offers the exact fit you need for a new bulb. It will guarantee the secure connection of this new lighting part to the frame of the vehicle and to its power supply. Every OES Genuine made bulb holder is manufactured from well-selected materials and predesigned with holes for the bulb electrical contacts and wires. This setting connects the lighting equipment to its main source of power in the vehicle and allows it to be energized when its switch is activated. This function is also secured with the use of a relay mounted under the dash or the foot well of the vehicle. The OES Genuine tail light bulb holder will even improve the physical appearance of your lamp.

OES Genuine is among the leaders in manufacturing automotive spare parts, accessories, and devices in the industry. They have wide arrays of after-sales auto solutions and among these are light peripherals like the bulb holder you need right now. In fact, the company has made-to-fit holders that match perfectly every automobile set-up. Through this, you can surely acquire a specially designed bulb holder for your very own tail light device. More importantly, their products are known to be made from well-selected materials and tested against in-car extremes to ensure it passes the company's own manufacturing standards. With this production quality assurance, every OES Genuine tail light bulb holder is guaranteed the best choice of substitute for your original part.

One of the pitfalls when restoring the tail lights, and generally all automobile parts, is installation. Incorrect installation will always result to poor functionality of the part and worst, damages on the other comprising parts of the assembly. So if you are going to DIY, it is highly recommended that you use the instruction manual included in the pack of the bulb holder. This and the manual of your automobile will ensure you get the removal of the old, original part and the installation of the new direct replacement OES Genuine tail light bulb holder right the first time. Throughout the restoration project, let the negative cable of the battery be disconnected from its port. This will ensure your safety.

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