OES Genuine TPMS Sensor & Accessories

You don't have to be a psychic to distinguish when your wheels are low pressured, you only need the OES Genuine TPMS sensor in your system. This is an electronic system device that works to measure the accurate tire pressure that is currently in every tire of your automobile. When hitting the road, it is more than an information provider, it is a safety unit that sends the driver signals when the tire is starting to lose pressure through a gauge or a warning light added on the dash. That way, you can always act to prevent a disaster that's just waiting to happen. The OES Genuine TPMS sensor is also a good choice of replacement to your failed unit if you already have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) ready in your vehicle.

The TPMS is interchangeably known as the TPIS or tire pressure indication system due to its function. The first of this system was featured in 80's European luxury models as option and was eventually adopted globally. In the US, more than a hundred deaths have ignited the TREAD Act or the mandated use of suitable TPMS system in light vehicles. The bill was passed and approved in late 90's by the Clinton government and affected all 2007 production models. The system is built with either a direct or an indirect type of sensor and they are replaceable. For this purpose, the OES Genuine TPMS sensor is the best choice. This after-sale product is classified an upgrade in terms of the materials and technology used to its manufacture, but is still based on the standard specifications required on automobiles.

These features, plus the remote location of every TPMS sensor on the wheels make its installation a lot easier. Still, this is a task requires a number of special tools to make removal of the tire from the wheels easy. Once these parts are separated, the old sensor is already accessible. Start disconnecting the valve core that secures it in place with a core remover tool to prevent damage as you will reuse this part. Deflate the tire and start removing the grommet and the valve to let the sensor drop down. When it does, don't forget to wipe its seat from debris and hardened crud. After that, you can already install the new OES Genuine TPMS sensor in place.

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