OES Genuine T-Belt Tensioner Spacer & Accessories

The timing belt assembly is one of the most important mechanisms in your vehicle, so make sure it's made up of heavy-duty parts such as an OES Genuine T-Belt Tensioner Spacer. As you know, the serpentine belt is responsible for the correct operation of many features in your ride, such as the water pump, the alternator, even the AC system. Aside from the belt, components such as the pulley, tensioner and spacer could all go bad over time. Act quickly if you notice any signs of damage or wear on these parts as they could lead to a catastrophic failure on the road.

The tensioner spacer may not seem like an important part at first glance but make the mistake of skipping to install it and you're in for a huge mess on the highway. Without the right spacer on the assembly, the tensioner could abnormally tighten up too much until the belt itself goes haywire. The worst case scenario is that the belt suddenly snaps while you're driving, damaging several components including the valves. With the valves damaged, the engine itself could run erratically and cause even more complications that will have you paying a lot of money. To avoid all these problems, replace your old, busted spacer with a high-quality OES Genuine T-Belt Tensioner Spacer as soon as possible.

You can't mention any run-of-the-mill spacer in the same breath with the OES Genuine T-Belt Tensioner Spacer because the difference between the two is simply huge. The former is so poor you may have to replace it again much sooner than you think. The latter is made of high-strength materials, so once it's installed, you'll never have any problem with the part again for a long, long time. The OES Genuine spacer is cut and molded using the finest manufacturing technologies out there to meet all standards of safety and quality in the industry. Installation is easy because it practically has the same specifications as your factory spacer. For the best results, read your vehicle's manual regarding timing belt assembly installation. The best time to replace the spacer is probably when you're replacing the timing belt or the pulley.

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