OES Genuine T-Belt Tensioner Pulley & Accessories

The worst thing that can happen if you don't install an OES Genuine T-Belt Tensioner Pulley soon is that your old, bad pulley just falls off from your car as you're driving to work. This has actually happened to some drivers because the incorrect tension on the assembly could cause the timing belt to snap and nearby components to come flying out of the vehicle. Without a good tensioner pulley, an entire host of your vehicle's functions will suddenly operate erratically and result in severe performance problems. For instance, you will suddenly lose your alternator, water pump and AC system. To avoid encountering these problems, you should remove that busted pulley and install a new one in its place as soon as possible.

You must take a closer look at your T-belt tensioner pulley as soon as you hear squeaking or tapping noises from your serpentine belt assembly. These could indicate a failing pulley, which must be replaced right away. You may also observe if the pulley excessively vibrates as this is another symptom that it's about to fall apart. There's a good chance your existing pulley is already worn if you've been using it for years. The best time to replace it is probably when you're changing the timing belt itself. While you're replacing the belt and the pulley, take the opportunity to change other parts of the mechanism as well, such as bolts and washers for the best results. Don't delay installing a new OES Genuine T-Belt Tensioner Pulley because a catastrophic failure could result from a poor t-belt system that may destroy valves and other vital components.

Since the pulley in your serpentine belt system handles great loads, you need an extremely durable replacement part and the OES Genuine T-Belt Tensioner Pulley fits the bill. This top-notch pulley is fabricated from tough materials that will resist wear and damage for years. Advanced technologies are used during its design and fabrication to ensure that the part is excellently constructed. You don't have to worry about the fit of this part because its specs are virtually the same as your factory-installed component and it also meets all industry standards. Review your ride's manual before setting up the new pulley to make sure you're performing the installation the right way.

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