OES Genuine Sway Bar Link Washer & Accessories

The sway bar has a lot to do with your safety on the road, so replace its busted washer with an OES Genuine Sway Bar Link Washer. As you know, the sway bar helps reduce your vehicle's body roll every time you corner. What typically happens as your vehicle turns is that the upper portion of the sway bar link twists while the assembly rotates on a ball joint. This movement drastically reduces body roll but it also places a massive load on the sway bar link washer. In time, the washer sustains significant damage from the pressure and develops little cracks that could completely snap anytime. You wouldn't want your suspension to suddenly fail on the road, so you have to replace your bad washer soon.

You would have to access the sway bar link in order to change the washer. You can do the replacement procedure alone although it's best to perform it with a little help from one of your buddies. Having a professional mechanic do it for you is another option. In any case, you will have to be extremely careful throughout the replacement process because you're going to have to use a jack to lift your vehicle off the ground. Study your vehicle's manual before proceeding with changing the washer to know exactly where you should place the jack on your vehicle. It's probably safest to put the jack underneath the suspension arm to relieve the link's tension while compressing the vehicle's suspension. Carefully remove the bad washer and put in the OES Genuine Sway Bar Link Washer in its place.

Some drivers think washers are the same wherever they come from, which isn't true at all. Some washers are significantly more durable than others because they are made of better materials. The OES Genuine Sway Bar Link Washer is a high-quality replacement part that's cut from the strongest materials in the industry. Computerized technologies are used all throughout its manufacturing process, so its construction and profile are perfect, making installation much easier. It also meets safety and quality standards, so you won't regret investing in this component. As long as it's correctly installed, this top-notch washer should last years sustaining minimal wear and damage. If you want to invest in ride safety and comfort, this washer is a must.

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