OES Genuine Suspension Sensor & Accessories

Vehicles equipped with active suspension system deserve no less than OES Genuine suspension sensor. You see, it is your ride's suspension that provides you with superb vehicle handling and performance as well as convenient travel, so better make sure it is always in good working condition. To achieve that, you need a properly functioning suspension sensor which determines the exact air pressure needed by your vehicle to run safely and more steadily. This sensor responds to the problems detected within the suspension and informs you once it senses irregularities. That way, you'll be able to act right away before that complication leads to serious problems.

The OES Genuine suspension sensor is made as efficient as or even more capable than your stock in monitoring the suspension system's movement as it counters the changes in road conditions. Since it is part of an active vehicle suspension system, it also aids your ride in determining challenging driving situations and adjusting to them as efficiently and as smoothly as possible. The suspension sensor is typically linked to a data logging software, which lets you read and save the data. With this, you'll be able to know what your ride needs to deliver better performance. In fact, there are race car manufacturers and vehicle owners who outfit their rides with various suspension sensors designed to gather data for performance enhancements.

Your modern street vehicle can also deliver better performance with the help of a suspension sensor. Of course, it must be matched with a highly functional data logging software. With the kind of information provided by the said software, you can make the adjustments needed to take full advantage of your vehicle's suspension system. The OES Genuine suspension sensor is particularly designed to measure the leveling system of the suspension. It keeps track of the suspension springs' position and transmits the gathered information to the computer or to the air valve, which easily adjusts the vehicle's height. Since it is positioned in the strut/track arm area and it comes with a lever system, installation can be a bit complicated. But with the right tools and step-by-step instructions, you can get the task done well even without the help of a professional. You can always look through your car's manual for installation tips and instructions. Mind you, once you install the OES Genuine suspension sensor in your ride, driving will be kind of simple, efficient, and more manageable for you.

This height sensor will let you and the control module know when to fill the air shocks or the air springs bags and when to release air from them. Because of its importance, you need to make sure your stock is always in great condition. The moment it gets damaged, have it replaced with an OES Genuine suspension sensor that you can get here at Parts Train. With our wide selection of choices, you can definitely find here the one that meets your vehicle's specs. You don't have to worry about your budget because we offer a Low Price Guarantee for all our products. Purchase from us now.