OES Genuine Sunroof Switch & Accessories

If you want to improve the ventilation inside your ride to keep it cooler all through your trip, make sure its sunroof comes with a reliable switch like the OES Genuine sunroof switch. You may not feel the importance of your sunroof during winter but when the hot summer days arrive, and you want to enjoy open-air driving, you'll start to blame yourself for ignoring your sunroof switch and allowing it to get damaged. The good thing about having a sunroof is you can have good ventilation in your interior minus the noise of an open window. You can also be aware of the traffic condition outside without actually lowering the window glass.

You'll find the sunroof just above the first row seats and it is made of either glass or fabric. No matter what your sunroof is made of, its switch does a common task of opening and closing it. With an OES Genuine sunroof switch installed, you have the option to open just a part of the roof for added light and ventilation or fully open it to provide the vehicle's interior with a sense of openness. When you depress this switch, it will activate an electric motor which in turn opens or closes the sunroof. Today's sunroof switches come with one-touch feature which allows you to conveniently open or close your sunroof with just a mere touch of the button or switch.

Most of the vehicles on the road and in the showroom these days come with the latest sunroof system called solar car sunroofs. Such system employs a sunroof that's composed of glass and featuring an inlaid photovoltaic solar panel or insert to make the glass appear absolutely opaque. The main advantage of this type is it provides the electricity required to power the electric fans which help maintain a favorable temperature inside. No matter what type of sunroof is installed in your ride, there sure is an OES Genuine sunroof switch for that. OES Genuine automotive switches are made to be exact replacement for the original so you don't have to worry about their fit and function in your vehicle. Since their dimensions match that of the original component, you won't find these switches hard to install. So if you are a DIY vehicle owner and you're thinking of replacing your defective sunroof switch, OES Genuine sunroof switch is the right choice. With this replacement unit, plus installation tools and hardware and detailed installation guide, you can get the replacement process done in just a few minutes even without the help of a pro.

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