OES Genuine Sunroof Seal & Accessories

The sunroof stops being all fun and exciting when it starts to leak-so you won't have to worry about sleet and snow dripping straight to the cabin, get yourself an OES Genuine sunroof seal to fix the problem. Sunroofs are great to have around until their seals break. This will let moisture into the cabin, ruining the carpet and other upholstery. Taking shelter from rain and snow will also be next to impossible when you find water dripping from around the edges of the sunroof.

Your sunroof's rubber seal may dry out and crack after some time. The seal is falling apart when it's shredding or already loose and pulling away from the edges. When you check the sunroof more closely and this greets you in plain sight, you don't need any more proof. You can dive in head first and find yourself a durable sunroof seal. The seal should be made to fit the sunroof of your vehicle to the tee-no loose ends. Otherwise, installation can be too much trouble. An ill-fitted seal will also come apart in no time. Fixing a leaking seal of your sunroof is something you can do on your own, saving yourself a trip to the mechanic who will charge you more. Aside from trusty DIY instructions, what you need is a handy seal replacement. For that, you can count on an OES Genuine sunroof seal to have a really tight grip and to be as hard-wearing as it ought to be, unfazed with the changing weather.

Keep your sunroof looking brand-new. An OES Genuine sunroof seal can keep it water-tight to keep out moisture or any damaging elements from accumulating around the edges or infiltrating the cabin. This seal is guaranteed to be heavy-duty, using the toughest materials for optimum sealing power. OES Genuine also offers you an industry-leading product warranty, making sure that the seal won't give in to wear any time soon. If it does, then you can always request for a replacement and save money.

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