OES Genuine Sunroof Relay & Accessories

Your vehicle's sunroof is a very useful feature but it's virtually useless if you don't install an OES Genuine Sunroof Relay soon. Just imagine all the trouble you'd have to go through if your sunroof suddenly refuses to close when rain begins to pour on the road. You would have to make a quick stop somewhere just to reach up and manually close the sunroof yourself, which would be really troublesome. It would also kill all the fun in the summer when it would be refreshing to let in rays of sunshine in your vehicle. So to make sure your sunroof works perfectly anytime you want to use it, replace that busted relay as soon as you can.

There are many possible reasons for an unresponsive sunroof and one of them is a shot relay. Other possible causes include bad wiring, fuse and connectors. The best way to isolate the problem is to test each electric component using a multimeter. Sunroof relays come in different forms and are located differently depending on the type of vehicle. You can still easily find it however, by simply following the wires that should start from the sunroof's switch. In many vehicles, the relay is located behind the dashboard, near the steering wheel, so you may try looking in there. If you see any type of damage on the relay or if the multimeter indicates that the relay is shot, replace it immediately with an OES Genuine Sunroof Relay to get your sunroof working like new again.

There's no sense in installing a shoddy replacement part that will only fail much sooner than you think, so invest in a high-quality OES Genuine Sunroof Relay for your ride. This relay is composed of the most durable materials, so it should last a very long time even if you frequently open and close your sunroof. It also conforms to all industry standards for it's manufactured using cutting-edge, computer-aided technologies. Before installing your new sunroof relay, read your vehicle's manual to clearly understand where the relay should go and how it ought to be installed. Connecting the relay should be a breeze if you have some DIY experience but if you're not comfortable, you can always ask a professional mechanic to help you out just to be sure you'll get the best results.

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