OES Genuine Sunroof Cable & Accessories

You can definitely roll like a boss with an OES Genuine sunroof cable installed on your ride. If you don't want the light drizzle or the scorching sunshine to ruin your ride's interiors, having a sunroof is the perfect solution. This unit is capable of providing a level of protection against moisture, heat, dirt, and other substances which may ruin the look of your vehicle. Aside from this benefit, you and your passengers will also get to enjoy traveling in comfort at times when the weather is too warm or too moist for your taste.

So how does the sunroof system work exactly? Controlled by the motor, sunroofs are usually raised and lowered using lifting arms. These are controlled by the plastic gears which have a small set of teeth. The unit also has a larger set of teeth connected to a flexible cable like the OES Genuine sunroof cable which is driven by the main motor as well. The cable moves the lifting arms in order to lift and close the roof. Some units do not have lifting arms; instead, they possess cables which move the roof forward and backward. The entire system is a relatively simple process which requires little maintenance and repair. The only factors which may cause malfunction of sunroof can be extreme wear and tear leading to leaks and cable breaks. This is why the making the right choice when it comes to the cable replacement is a big deal; a minor break in the cable would render the entire sunroof useless.

Crafted using world-class materials and state-of-the-art processes, the OES Genuine sunroof cable is a heavy-duty connector designed to be impervious to quick wear and tear. It has both flexible and stretchable properties which allow every item to raise and open various kinds of sunroofs. Each cable comes in different types in order to cater to the specs of the different makes and models. It can be easily installed into the sunroof system, making it the perfect choice as replacement if you are a beginner looking to do your first auto repair project. The product is also available with a 1-year or 12,000-mile warranty to guarantee that consumers who will purchase OES Genuine items receive them in mint condition.

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