OES Genuine Subframe Pad & Accessories

Your vehicle's suspension won't be fully restored until you install an OES Genuine Subframe Pad. As you may know, the subframe pad is part of your vehicle's suspension system and is usually located on the front end. The pad comes in many different forms and sizes depending on the manufacturer and on the vehicle for which it is intended to be installed. A lot of subframe pads are made of rubber while others are made of polyurethane and even metal. Regardless of the type of subframe pad you have though, you must replace it immediately once it shows signs of wear and damage. Neglecting the pad would result in various suspension problems that will make driving truly inconvenient and dangerous.

The best way to know when you should replace the subframe pad is to take a closer look at it yourself. If you see tiny cracks or chipped portions on the pad, you should replace the unit immediately since it may completely give way very soon. Rubber pads could also get brittle due to age, so try to feel if the pad is still pliable enough or not. You should also look out for suspension symptoms that indicate parts that need to be replaced. Common suspension problems include steering wheel vibration, excessive play, bottoming out, nose-diving, uneven tire wear and erratic braking among others. If you notice any of these when you're driving, check all your suspension parts as soon as you can. It's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to automobile suspension as it has a lot to do with your safety on the road. Should the subframe pad require replacing, choose a high-quality replacement OES Genuine Subframe Pad for the job.

There's a huge difference between the OES Genuine Subframe Pad and other subframe pads out there, which you could get from unfamiliar and suspect manufacturers. This special subframe pad is molded and cut from the strongest materials, so it could absorb tremendous pressures in your vehicle's suspension for a long time without diminishing in quality and reliability. The pad should fit your ride perfectly for it's specifically manufactured to meet and exceed all applicable industry standards. Installing the part yourself is doable, especially if you have done quite a bit of DIY automotive troubleshooting and maintenance work before. Check your vehicle's manual regarding specifications just to be sure you have the correct replacement subframe pad for your ride.

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